PreCoM consists of 10 work packages. A detailed work plan has been generated that adequately structures the efforts into manageable with clear responsibilities and objectives:

  • Work Package 1 The objective of this work package is to effectively manage the project, coordinate between EC and project partners, deal with all financial issues, and administer project operations and financial reviews.
  • Work Package 2 covers the development of the sensing infrastructure required by the project (including physical sensors, data acquisition and communication).
  • Work Package 3 covers the project’s the activities to carry out the development and implementation of statistical models in order to enhance physical models in the context of damage diagnosis and system maintenance.
  • Work Package 4 synchronizes the PreCoM platform with maintenance systems (for optimal scheduling of tasks) and production planning systems (for process reconfiguration).
  • Work Package 5 develops the user interface for the maintenance technician and the production line manager of the PreCoM platform. There are two components that will be developed: An AR component that assists the maintenance technician and a PLIV-component, which gives the production line manager a visualisation of the state of the production line.
  • Work Package 6 takes the 4 modules developed in WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5 and combines them into an integrated predictive maintenance solution.
  • Work Package 7 demonstrates the PreCoM solution in real manufacturing production environment. Three demonstrations will be performed to cover both, discrete manufacturing (low and high volume) and continuous manufacturing scenarios.
  • Work Package 8 evaluates the impact of the PreCoM solution on production performance, work safety, environmental performance and costs, based on the data collected in the 3 demonstrators.
  • Work Package 9 covers the activities concerning communications to the general public in order to promote the project and for internal consortium repository.
  • Work Package 10 covers the exploitation and standardization activities of the project.