Use cases

PreCoM is a cross-sectorial effort introducing predictive Maintenance in advanced manufacturing companies by an innovative approach. Workpackage 7 of this project aims at the demonstration and validation of the PreCoM System through three demonstrators in partners’ industrial facilities.

The industrial impact and relevance of the PreCoM project will be established through the development of industrial demonstrators:

  • Demonstrator One at SAKANA will represent the low volume sector aiming at manufacturing large metal parts.
  • Demonstrator Two at SPINEA will represent the high volume sector focusing on the production of reduction gears.
  • Demonstrator Three at GOMA-CAMPS will represent continous manufacturing processes with the manufacturing of paper.
The purpose of these three demonstrators will be to ensure that specific requirements of the target sectors will be addressed by the PreCoM project and to showcase technological innovations that will benefit to the European manufacturing industry.