VERTECH GROUP is an international French environmental engineering company (SME) with offices in Nice and Madrid, Spain.  The Group is committed to leading organisations towards more sustainable profitability through a robust cradle-to-cradle analysis of clients’ products and technologies for the application of social, environmental, and economical improvements. These assessments are the transformative tools for the future of today’s businesses.

With services applicable in private and public sectors, Vertech’s activities target both multisector industry know-how and specific areas of application. These transversal services address state-of-the-art technologies and up-to-date topics pertinent to the wide variety of client activity where Vertech Group applies its expertise: Bio-basedCircular economyClean energyIndustry 4.0NanotechSmart citiesSmart devicesSocial responsibilityWater & Waste Management.

VERTECH GROUP is a member and regular contributor in many international platforms, such as:

  • The Education Committee of the forum for Sustainability and Life Cycle Innovation (FSLCI)
  • The Sustainable Recycling Industries, from the World Resources Forum.
  • The French Life Cycle Assessment network
  • The Indian LCA Alliance
  • The Ibero-American Life Cycle Network and its technical committee.

The company contributes with the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle initiative and is a Full Member of the SPIRE platform (Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency) and Bio Based Industries Consortium Technical member in the ISO IWA 19: 2017: Guidance principles for the sustainable management of secondary metals. VERTECH GROUP participates actively in R&D projects in different sectors: Energy, Waste, Water, Building & Industry and Materials.

Role in the PreCom Project

Vertech is leader of WP8: Performance Analysis.


Location details

Vertech Group
06000 Nice, France

Phone +33981096862
Twitter @Vertech_Group


351 95 Växjö – Sweden

Phone +46 730 728 372
Twitter @LNU_research