PARAGON S.A. is a research & technology development SME (micro-SME) active in R&D and commercial services for applications in Transport, ICT, Processes & Manufacturing, and Security.

RTD activities range from in-house development projects, to solutions and applications development provision, and participation to RTD consortia as an SME Research partner. To date PARAGON has participated to 30 research initiatives from EC Framework Programme 4 through to Horizon 2020 in areas that include Aeronautics (including Clean Sky), ICT, Factories of the Future, Energy, Environment, and Security.

Commercial activities comprise of a range of services, that include scientific and measurement applications and support (experimental, industrial, occupational safety & health), specialized applications development, and commercial representation of major manufacturers of industrial & scientific instrumentation (sensors, data acquisition/signal processing, portable measurement & analysis, control, actuation, software) from the EU and USA to markets in Greece and S.E. Europe.

PARAGON is also sponsor – co-organizer to two long-running biennial international conferences, the IC-SCCE – International Conference “from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering” ( and IC-EpsMsO – International Conference on “Experiments / Process / System Modeling / Simulation / Optimization” (

Role in the PreCom Project

PARAGON participates to a number of PreCoM Work Packages. Main participation is focused on WP2 (Sensors & Data Acquisition) and WP4 (Maintenance integrated Production Planning) per expertise in applications addressing advanced Mechatronics, Health Monitoring, and complex Multi-objective Optimization.

Location details

Karaoli ke Dimitriou 13
11146 Galatsi Athens – Greece

Phone +30 210 222 000 8
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351 95 Växjö – Sweden

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