Within the Horizon 2020 framework several thousand research projects receive funding from the European Commission. Until the year 2018, with still two years to go, more than 20.000 grant agreements were signed already.

However, oftentimes research projects do not find their way out of the lab. This leads to the public and industry not noticing the great results researchers all over Europe produce. Subsequently, many of the great innovations do not find their way into industrial applications and do not benefit European customers.

Not so in the PreCoM project. Thanks to VDW, the German machine tool builder association, we had the chance to present our results at a stand in Hannover at the 2019 EMO fair. The EMO fair 2019 had 117.000 visitors from 150 countries and roughly 2.000 exhibitors and is one of the largest industry fairs worldwide.

Our exhibit consisted of a Grob G350T milling/turning machine and the PreCoM condition test cycle. We demonstrated how to assess the degradation of the linear feed drives of this machine tool in a live demo. During this demo we first gathered data from the machine tool numeric control and wireless sensors that were developed in the PreCom project. Then we used models and algorithms developed in PreCoM to calculate the current degradation and remaining useful life of the linear feed drives. The results were presented in a user-friendly dashboard.

During six full days we relentlessly promoted the PreCoM project and our preliminary results to the public and experts from industry. Our highlight certainly was Mr. Javier Zarraonandia Zuloaga, Vice-Minister of Industry, Basque Government, paying us a visit and praising our work. Furthermore, we could convince several decision makers from industry that our approach is viable.

We want to thank all our PreCoM project partners that helped to set up the live demo and supported us in the weeks before the fair. Special thanks to VDW giving us the chance to present the project at such a prominent event.

PreCoM wireless sensors mounted to the Grob G350T workpiece table.