This week all partners met in Brussels for our second General Assembly meeting.

The objective of the meeting was twofold. First, to summarize what we have achieved in the first year of the project and second, we held workshops to identify solutions to the challenges we are still facing in the PreCoM project. Exemplary challenges are working with the available data and integrating all models into a common communication infrastructure. In small groups we could identify new solutions to those topics and distribute workpackages that will be worked on by all partners.

We also had the chance to put our hands on some of the first results in the PreCoM project. In workpackage (WP) 2, for example, the communication between machine tool CNC, external sensors and cloud was established. The picture below shows one of the espically for PreCoM designed wireless communication nodes.

Summarizing, it is fair to state that we are on time with the Project. Although there is still a lot of work ahead, we are confident that we can contribute to a future Europe by enahncing manufacturing efficiency with condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions.