PreCoM is a 3-year project, funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme, which aims to deploy and test a predictive cognitive maintenance decision-support system to improve preventive maintenance and ultimately increase in-service efficiency of machines. It will be demonstrated in three different use cases with low volume, high volume and continuous manufacturing.


General Assembly 2 in Brussels

This week all partners met in Brussels for our second General Assembly meeting. The objective of the meeting was twofold. First, to summarize what we have achieved in the first year of the project and second, we held workshops to identify solutions to the challenges...

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Executive Board Meeting in Växjö (Sweden)

The first Executive Board Meeting will be held in Växjö (Sweeden) at the premises of the project coordinator LNU. The Workpackage leaders will present their newest results to the Advisory Board members and the project monitor expert appointed by the european...

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Workshop in Spain

From 15th to 17th of January PreCoM partners assembled in Spain for a workshop on the use-cases. After a first discussion and a tour at IK4-IDEKO, the fascilities of the use-case companies SAKANA and Goma-Camps were visited.

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We are proud to present our wireless PreCoM communication node, that transfers data collected from sensors placed all over the machine #InvestEUresearch #H2020 #PreCoM @EU_H2020 #FactoriesoftheFuture #innovation #industry40 #ConditionMonitoring #PredictiveMaintenance

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About us

PreCoM has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme FOF 09-2017 under grant agreement No 768575. 17 Partners from 6 countries are involved in the project: 3 end-user factories, 3 machine-tool suppliers, 1 leading component supplier, 4 innovative SMEs and 6 research institutes.